Meet the Staff

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Kathy Hardwick
Kathy’s background is in sales support and office management. As a busy mom with two young children, she is now diving into the world of technology. Computer technology is here to stay which is why Kathy is so important to the team. Shopping and selling items online have become the norm. Kathy’s expertise is in researching, photographing, listing and monitoring items to buy or sell online. For those of you out there who have attempted to do this yourself, I think you’ll agree that it is a very time consuming task. Researching an item is key when you are selling or buying. Kathy’s expertise and reputation are flawless!

Michelle Poulos
Michelle’s early career experiences were in office administration, human resources recruiting, and writing/revising personnel policies and procedures. Additionally, she has held almost every PTA position including fundraising, secretary, treasurer and president, and was even responsible for starting the PTSA at Hebron High School when it opened in 1999.

Michelle is an excellent Administrative Assistant with specialties in Newsletters, proofreading and dictation. She assists with Estate Liquidations where she handles large amounts of monies in a hurried and stressful environment; as well as appraisals where she assists with onsite dictation and administrative duties. Her attention to detail is a huge benefit to our team. Especially, it succeeded in winning large cash prizes at the playground

Julia Rivard
Julia graduated from Michigan State University and began her career in retail management before moving on to human resources training and development. After years of volunteer work and being a home manager, Julia decided to return to the workplace to explore the new service industry of personal concierge service. Initially, this was meant to be a stepping stone back into the professional world, but it quickly became much more.

Her expertise in organization and time management proved invaluable in assisting clients in managing their hectic lifestyles and maintaining order in their homes. Julia’s Lifestyle Management has expanded to include additional services and employees to meet the needs of her constantly growing client base. It is worth noting that this growth has been built consistently from client referrals.

Lori Rickoff
Lori’s career started in sales with a publishing company in New York. She then moved to the airline industry with American Airlines where she assisted in the AAdvantage Program. Lori also assisted executives in Freight Management, but her bubbly personality and love of people was much better utilized when she moved to Customer Service. Along with her zest for life, Lori’s creativity and imagination make her perfect for those jobs requiring new ideas and challenges. Her floral arrangements, decorations for the table or mantle, are breathtaking. Lori is also our party planner “extraordinaire”!