Denton Estate Sale Nov 8 & 9, 2019

Date:  November 8,9, 2019
Time:  9am - 4pm
Location:  2324 Shenendoah Trail,  Denton TX  
Terms and Conditions:
We accept cash and credit (credit over $50.00)

All sales are final.  

***No children will be allowed in sale***.  

Please bring help to move large items.

I'm sorry, due to the large amount of interest, we will not be giving prices on the items.
Items include:
*Wooden rocking horse,
*Original Art from JD Miller (son of the homeowner) including one of his original arts and early pottery piece
JD Miller began his painting career 20 years ago with a vision. Pursuing the law of attraction, with a conscious practice as a professional musician, he developed Reflectionism. Exploring other mediums, the artist began using oil paints, based on sensorial experiences to create the 3-Dimensional oil technique. With this 3-Dimensional oil, Miller conveys his sense of freedom, his joy in the miracle of creation, and the synchronicity of the universe. Miller’s passion for painting and his process for like-energy attracting like-energy translates the law of vibration into the energy emanating from his work.
To create, the artist calls upon the universal vibrations of light and sound to flow through him to allow for the molding of oil paints. A unique process that identifies him among other artists, Miller creates impactful, strong, enlivening canvases that take their viewers on an existential journey.
Miller is represented in collections and museums throughout the United States and is involved with multiple educational and charitable organizations. The artist currently resides and works in Dallas, Texas.
*Photography from Scot Miller (another son of the homeowner) including many pieces of his.
Photographer Scot Miller’s work has formed the basis of numerous books, including Walden: The 150th Anniversary Illustrated Edition of the American Classic; Cape Cod: Illustrated Edition of the American Classic; First Light: Five Photographers Explore Yosemite’s Wilderness; My First Summer in the Sierra: 100th Anniversary Illustrated Edition, winner of a 2011 National Outdoor Book Award; Thoreau, The Maine Woods: A Photographic Journey Through an American Wilderness; and Emerson, Muir, Thoreau: A Photographic Trilogy of American Wildness. In 2018, Scot published A Word for Nature: Photographs from walks on the Trinity Skyline Trail in which he advocates for a long-term plan to manage the 10,000+ “wild” acres of the Trinity River Greenbelt and Great Trinity Forest in Dallas, Texas. His photographs are featured in the new book The Texas White House: A Photographic Tour of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson’s Home on the LBJ Ranch. Through his photography, he attempts to inspire an appreciation and understanding of the uniqueness of wild places and open spaces.
*Antique Furniture including Tiger Oak dresser, Pie Safes, English drop front display cabinet, desks, armoire, etc
*Full Garage including tools, gardening tools, 
*Clothing mens and women's,
*Kitchen including pots, pans, dishes, glassware, utensils, etc.
*Christmas decor,'
*Pine dining table with heavy chairs,
*Wingback chairs,
*Linens, towels sheets, etc,
*Potted plants, cement bird baths, etc
*Tubes for radios/TV,
*Cartoon slicks for newpaper copy,
*Bose subwoofers w/speakers,
*Adjustable table (high to low) with leather chairs,
*Books, CDs, cassettes,
*Outdoor patio set,
and so much more!!!
Hope to see you there,...