Family-Run Estate Sales

In this time of economic concerns a lot of families are choosing to run their own estate sales.   ACE Appraisals, Consultations & Estate Services, Inc. can guide you through the set-up, pricing and advertising needs to help your estate sale run smoothly and to maximize profits.

ACE Appraisals, Consultations & Estate Services, Inc. will partner with you and walk you through the set-up, help you identify items that have more value, and advertise your estate sales with pictures on a national website to maximize your sales and profits.

The key to this type of estate sale is that we come in and consult with family and discuss how to set up the sale and what to expect.  The family will then set the sale up including displaying, tagging and cleaning the items.  We will then come in help price, take pictures as needed and give time guidelines.  We will cater our services to fit your budget.

Through partnering with ACE Appraisals, Consultations & Estate Services, Inc.; not only will you insure that you have tagged/priced your items to sell, but you will know what to expect, how to run it, and make more money.   More importantly, our knowledgeable and qualified staff will make sure you don’t sell that family heirloom for $1.00.

Contact Collette Brown at 214-477-1077 to discuss the options and pricing for this service.

Most Importantly: